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The Creativity Queen

What gratitude!

I had an amazing holiday and beyond the beautiful wrappings and thoughtful gifts was the most spectacular treasure of all- love! What am amazing gift to be among those who love and truly get you...and I am so blessed. I offer you a gift of this superfabulicious quote:

We're all kissed by angels but some of us never think to pucker.
-- Amethyst S
(My new office sign, designed and created by my very supportive husband, David)

Have you remembered to pucker today?

So what do you want to create for 2008?

I have been thinking about goals and what I want to accomplish for the upcoming year. There's the typical to-do lists: see more clients, exercise more, market my
book, start my dissertation. However, there are some bigger things on my to-do list that I write down every year but never really seem to do: practice compassion with those who are the closest to me, be patient with loved ones, be more flexible and less strong willed, be more loving and thankful. So how can I make a commitment to change that will last more than a week?

Sometimes just slowing down and appreciating the surroundings offers a new perspective.

What have you seen differently over the last few days?

Can you believe we saw Santa!

My husband and I were visiting my aunt at Langdon Hall assisted living home for her holiday service...can you believe who we ran into!

He looked as surprised as we were!

Now that's something to be thankful for!

Art Therapy Sarasota, FL

This time of year I give thanks for all of the courageous and remarkable individuals and families whom I have had the opportunity to work with. It always humbles me when I run into someone I worked with years ago and they smile and comment on the changes they've created in their lives. It is with awe and gratitude that I have been so fortunate to do this work for the last 19 years.

I am truly blessed!

What do you feel blessed by today?

All Things Creative

Today I am thankful for gathering with friends for a celebration lunch. I also give thanks for moments when others celebrate me. Today I practiced saying a big thank you to 5 people in my life. If you had an opportunity who would you thank today?

All Things Creative

The new year is around the corner and it's time again to think of what changes we plan to make for 2008. I've been reading about others who have decided to look at what brings them joy.
Can we find beauty in the everyday? Can we stop and look at something we do typically and find pleasure and gratitude?

What makes you happy?

So the Creativity Queen has decided to look for joy and happiness in the simple things.
Please feel free to join me by posting things that ma
ke you happy: pictures, words, ideas, people, pets, toys, foods, etc.

When we stop and think about the good stuff the tough stuff seems a bit smaller.

So what makes you happy?