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The Creativity Queen

Lovin' it

I am so thrilled! In celebration of my completion of my doctorate classes that I've been taking for the last 2.5 year I decided to do some self honoring. I proudly recognize my 4.0 GPA with a new addition to my office- a palette of possibilities!
I am free to create the life I want, and that is so delightful.

If there was nothing stopping you
what would you create in your life?
Is there something you can do today to get you one step
closer to the life you'd like to create?

Every day a celebration!

Art Spa

What delightful gratitude for all that is unfolding. We celebrated ourselves at ArtSpa, a big luscious delightful renewal for a group of women who so often care for others. Our meal at Lavanda captured the deliciousness of a morning filled with indulgent creative self-care.

Thank you to those women who dare to play big and the grand food and setting of Lavanda.

Luscious Lavanda restaurant in Towles Court-
an oasis in downtown Sarasota!

What might you do to nurture yourself today?

Webkinz Friends Group

Our Webkinz Friends Group was such a fun way to
figure out how to be a good friend.

We used clay and made small versions of our Webkinz Friends.

Bananas got to play with his new friends!

Miley is a Rock Star!

Lilly and Cody had the coolest pad and had a beach party!

Snowball and Joe had a party at McDonalds with everyone's favorite foods!

"My heart does cartwheels of gratitude
in this joyful moment!'

Thanks Webkinz Friends for sharing
your creative play with me!