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The Creativity Queen

Don't Forget to Play!

Last Friday afternoon my husband, my dog, and I took off to play with the manatees in Homosassa springs. It was a perfect day for fun and frivolity. It is good to be Queen, but I think it's more fun to be a manatee!

So what have you done for play this week?


The Creativity Queen receives the Small Business of the Year Award from SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business"

It's so wonderful to TOOT your own horn when the opportunity arises. There is something about celebration of events, successes, moments- time when we made a different choice, looked at something differently, risked outside of our comfort zone. I celebrate this with all of you who try something new to learn and grow, and I celebrate this in myself!

What can you celebrate that your learned from today? Now go and TOOT yourself!


Creativity Queen Art Gallery

ARTS DAY pictures from our Superfabulicious artists!

Superfabulicious Fun!

ARTS DAY was a great success, we met so many wonderful people and got to create all day! Now that's a superfabulicous way to spend the day!


That's what 2008 feels like! POW!  There is tremendous excitement brewing.  We'll be at ARTS DAY in downtown Sarasota this Sunday, Jan 13th, in the Express Yourself exhibit area.  We'll be demonstrating therapeutic mask making and selling cool kits so you can take home and create your own original mask.  Please stop by and say hi and tell us what you are creating for 2008! 

A big THANKS to Poppy and her family last year at the 2007 Arts Day!


Gratitude and Sorrow

It was a year ago that we said goodbye to our dear sweet dalmatian of 14 years, Circe. She was such a kind and loving soul and had much to teach me about patience, compassion, and unconditional love. In our backyard we planted a garden as a reminder of her presence- this weekend we spent time planting and giving thanks that we had her in our lives.

At times sorrow and thanks intertwine.

How can we grow in love and understanding from our losses?

What are you celebrating today?

I celebrate the joyous successes of the new year! There is so much to be grateful for this time of year, family, friends, health, the fresh start that comes with a new calender. This picture captures the giddiness of doing what I love- sharing my beliefs that we are all resourceful and and can use our creative problem solving to make our lives happier.

The Creativity Queen signing at Circle Books- St. Armands Circle, Sarasota, FL

What makes you giddy?