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The Creativity Queen


I am in the middle of a vacation sandwich, a week of vacation, week of work, and week of vacation. Although I can truly say I love and adore the work I do, I am so in the mood to let summer's rhythms take over and celebrate all things playful!

So I share with you some fun picture of all things that make summer so special and I ask you,

what will you d
o to play today?

A Vacation Celebration!!

It has been a while since I've posted. For those of you who have children you are aware of the end of the school year rush. I'm delighted to say that when the school year is over there is a space that is created to enjoy all the things we rush past during the year. So I give myself a big permission slip to play! On the eve of my vacation celebration I send out permission slips for all those in need of respite, renewal, and rejuvenation ...ahhh! In the meantime enjoy these glorious pictures from the Embracing Our Differences event!

So what will you do with your permission to play slip?