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Art Therapy and Healing

I've been seeing many families hurting so badly and in such pain. It may be many things such as the economy, fear of the unknown, or the emphasis of lack and scarcity. Sadly, I have notice this has triggered may fears in parents. Often these fears trigger the thoughts and behaviors we had as a child. If you have never fully healed those aspects of yourself you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, fearful, scared, or avoiding what's really at the root of your feelings. However, for those people who are stepping into their fear and allowing themselves to heal there is tremendous change that is occurring. It's remarkable to see the release of pain that has been held on for years and how people's lives can be transformed when they they are committed to growing- no matter how scared they are. So I offer you a feature article on thinking about your own healing and well being and how in this moment you can choose to lovingly embrace yourself.

There is something that I have to share that keep appearing again and again with the families I see. It breaks my heart to see parents in such pain. I know how much they hurt, wanting to see their relationships with their children be closer and to help their children be more confident and happier. I see these families whose hearts are breaking because they want so badly to help their children, but I know there is more to this, much more than what they see. So many parents come in with their own hurts and pains. They have grown up in families that didn't allow their voice to be heard or they never felt good enough. There are years of pain and hurt that have been pushed down because these parents were so fearful of letting these hurts out- fearful of rejection, worried they may fall apart, scared others may find out their deepest fears. So these parents keep looking for ways to fill their void. By doing more, buy buying more, by looking a certain way, by focusing on their children's well being and putting everyone else's needs before theirs. It breaks my heart to see these parents struggle to push through all the pain they are feeling and keep searching for ways to fill their hurt places.

These deep wounds created in the past keep us running on a treadmill of beliefs that if we did something more, had something more, looked differently, then we would be happy, lovable, respected, understood. The truth is that the ability to heal these tender places is already within us and we just haven't tapped into it, so we continue to look outside of us. The sad part is that most traditional talk therapies will give you more of the same. They will continue to keep you in your head, thinking about things- rather than being in your heart, where you can heal and release your pain. I have seen parents who have come to me with problems with their children and when they do their own work find they had been holding on to patterns and beliefs that had kept them in pain for years. Despite years of talk therapy, they still had not healed their heart. As one very wise mother said, "Art therapy allows me to get into my heart instead of my head. When I am in my heart I can feel, and when I feel I am able to heal". So I'm offering something I've never offered before, an opportunity to get to the root of the cause of your pain, so you release the beliefs that you're not good enough, that you have to do or be more, that you are broken and unlovable, so you can let go of these feelings for once and for all. If this the right time for you to finally let go of the pain and heal yourself (and you'll know in your heart if it is) then I ask you to call me directly at (941)504-8498 to set up an appointment. I'd be honored to help you on your healing journey.

Quick Creative Tips to Imrove Communication with Your Teen

If you have a teen you may have seen them transform from a connected loving child to a frustrated, stressed out, shut down, eye rolling teenager. Most parents just don’t know how to connect with their teen and feel like whatever they say or do is ”wrong”. How you dealt with your children’s problems will not be the same way you will support your teen. But don’t worry we have some simple strategies to help you reconnect with your teen.

1. Listen-
Your teen may seem like they really don’t want to share things with you. While it’s true they are spending more time thinking about things that are important to them, they still want to have a relationship with you, but they may feel like you really don’t understand them. Do you really understand them? Here’s a simple way to understand your teen, listen! You do not need to judge them, or tell them how they should solve the problems they are encounter, or what you think of their friends. Instead, ask them a question, such as, “what was the most frustrating thing that happened today”, then listen.

2. Understand-
It wasn’t that long ago that you were a teen and you may remember all of the frustrations, overwhelm, and angst you felt then. Being a teen is an emotional rollercoaster ride and if you are not there to support your child imagine who will help them make MAJOR life decisions! So it is time to start understanding your teen from their point of view. You may not agree with their behaviors and choices, and that’s fine, but you do need to start to understand their thoughts and feelings. A simple way to do that is validating their point of view. For example acknowledging their feelings when things don’t go their way, “ I understand you are mad you can’t go to the mall with Samantha, that’s got to be really frustrating.” Just being validated makes teens feel understood and improves the relationships.

3. Encourage Self-Expression-
You teen has lots to express. Find positive outlets to help them deal with all their frustrations and stressors. Whatever their interests: dance, sports, horses, art, music, allows them opportunities for positive self-expression. This creates healthy connections with peers, the opportunity for other positive adults to mentor your teen, and an easy way for you to connect with your teen by watching and encouraging their interests. Want an easy conversation starter? Ask about their favorite activity and watch as your teen reconnects with you.

Want some very specific strategies to reconnect with YOUR teen? Join out HOW TO TALK WITH YOUR TEEN Parent Support Program. For more info contact info@thecreativityqueen.com or (941) 504-8498.