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The Creativity Queen

Art Therapist Sarasota, FL

When you take a break and listen to yourself, you find clarity.  It is in these moments of reflection we are given the opportunity to grow into our bigger selves. I ask you to stop and allow this question to resonate with you:  What are you growing into?  Take the time to use art materials, chalks, pencils, or collage and express your thoughts and feelings.

I wrote in my journal 
" I don't know the steps, but I do know the way"!

The Creativity Queen's Creative Life

Images from my friend Kath's garden

Are you living your creative life, a life filled with joy, excitement, bliss, gratitude? So many people are unhappy, feeling disconnected, stuck, overwhelmed, under appreciated, and unloved.  I set the challenge to those of you whom are ready for a change- lets shake it up and create what you truly desire. Take out some magazines, paper, crayons, markers, scissors, glue/tape and set aside 30 minutes to play. Create a circle and in that circle fill it with images, colors, words, pictures you draw of what your creative life looks like: what you'd be doing, thinking, acting, feeling, when you are living your creative life. Now put it up someplace where you will see it every day. If you are ready to starting living your creative life write down three things you can do for the week that will help you get closer to the images you created.

I play with these images often and love looking back at my past images to see how far I've come in living my creative life. 

So what's stopping you from creating your new life today?