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Art Therapy and Breathing Techniques

No matter what age you are these easy tips will help you feel more focused and centered.

Science reminds us just how important our breath is. We breathe and oxygen flows to our brain, we feel more relaxed, and ready to face challenges. So I invite you to try some of these breathing reminders below:

1. Belly breath
Get comfy with your feet on the floor. Inhale and notice where your breath is coming from. If it is in your chest start to image with each breath you inhale your breath moves lower and lower until it is finally in you belly. Imagine your belly balloon filling up then deflating. Try this for a minute; you'll be surprised how good it feels.

2. Superhero breath
Sometimes when you get really frustrated it's hard to concentrate, that's when it is handy to use your superhero breath. Not only is it helpful, but it is fun too! Pretend you are a superhero and use your full force powerful breath to blow away whatever is bothering you. It is so silly and fun you will feel better immediately- and no superhero tights are required!

3. Blow bubbles
You can do this with your imagination or with real bubbles. Blow big bubbles and imagine they are the worries you have. Exhale gently and name them as you watch them float away into the sky.

4. Happy Birthday
Imagine you have a big superfabulicious birthday cake with 100 candles on it. Then inhale through your nose and slowly exhale gently blowing out all the candles on the cake. It's your celebration so smile and enjoy!

Us can use the art materials to reinforce any of these breathing tools. For belly breathing you can pick a color chalk pastel the represents calm and color in a page of paper, inhaling and exhaling while coloring. For superhero breath use modeling clay or pencils/markers to make your own personal superhero. For blowing bubbles draw bubbles of worries then literally blow them away by shredding the paper into little bits and blowing them. Finally, create a big birthday cake ( clay or drawing) and have fun blowing out your candles and celebrating yourself!

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