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The Creativity Queen

Using art therapy to discover what is truly important to you

Times are changing. Although you (or someone you know) may be experiencing fear and uncertainty, there is also opportunity for growth and clarity. If we quiet the busyness of our thoughts and our actions we can take time to reflect on our core values.

So what if we graciously set aside any fears of finances, just for a few minutes? If we acknowledged any fear or worries we've been carrying about in our head and in our hearts? Can we place these worries aside, just for a bit, so we can honestly look at what our heart is trying to tell us?

So give yourself a bit of space to really LISTEN to your inner voice.

And ask yourself gently, "What is it I long for?"

Allow yourself to use the art materials to explore this question.

As I take the time to answer this I feel my heart stir with emotions longing for hope, healing, being the light in my own life, loving speaking my truth, listening deeply to my soul, being compassionate and loving, uplifting and inspiring, by opening my heart to what's so truly important to me- family and friends, compassion and acceptance, LOVE and such pure and simple things.

Can you gently acknowledge what it is that you treasure and hold this image in your heart and in your head as you go throughout the day? As the worries or fears arise can you gracefully remind yourself of what is truly important to you?

It is in these moments of vulnerability that we can see clearly what is so important.

So how in this moment can you honor what is truly important?

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