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Euna Lee and Laura Ling reunited with family- how will this imact little Hanna?

Couldn't help but cry in joy seeing the families of Euna Lee and Laura Ling reunited. How will this impact their little daughter, Hanna? Imagine the traumatic experience of not being with your mother and having a difficult time understanding why she couldn't return home. Although there must be great happiness for Hanna today, how will her experiences of her mother's absence impact her. There will be a long period of healing for this family and it will take time for Hanna and her family to feel safe again. It is during periods of trauma and loss that we are reminded of the value of art therapy with children. Although Hanna may never be able to put into words what she is feeling, she may be able to create images to allow her to process her feelings and find new ways of creating safety.

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