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Art Therapist and Employment

If you are a creative arts therapists in this economy is easy to fall into the belief that you cannot survive or thrive during this time. I am here to burst your bubble- you are absolutely wrong! Actually this is an amazing time to create opportunity and people are hungering for what you have to offer, but you may not know this.

Instead you may be stuck in limiting beliefs that you can't find work, it doesn't pay enough, they don't recognize your credentials, they want you to do things that you find, well..uumm rather insulting. I know this because when I left school with my Master's degree I remember going through the same steps. It was a bad economy, there were no art therapy jobs in the newspapers, and the places that were hiring wanted me to run BINGO. I kept banging my head over and over, thinking this can't be it! All this work and education so I can run BINGO?

The frustrating thing for me was as much as I searched there were no easy steps to take, no one pioneering the way- offering a chance to learn from what they learned. Well 0ver 10 years later I figured it out. I learned that there are things that you can to to rocket yourself professionally, and really it's not that hard (once you figure it out). Instead I spent years and THOUSANDS of dollars putting it together, so that others in the profession had a bright light to guide them through the fears and rejections to what is possible.

I want to share with you some groundbreaking information because I truly want to uplift the thinking and the status of our profession as creative arts therapists. I want to save others from the headaches and the heartaches of doing it alone.

So if you are If you are tired of working so hard to explain what creative arts therapy is and running into obstacles over and over again?

And you are ready to shift your mindset from lack, limitation, and struggle to what is possible- more ease, more success, and more money?

Come and join the Creativity Queen, an art therapist who created an AWARD WINNING business, on a FREE 30 minute call to help you see what is possible.

• Ready for more ease?

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