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Art Therapy, Clarity, and Transformation

If you are in a place of being suck, you know what it feels like to try things over and over again and still feel like you are emotionally and physically stuck. Art therapy offers a gift for those in transformation, an opportunity to see things differently. It is when we are able to look at our problems in a new light that we often get the"ah-ha" moment that leads to clarity and change. So you can access pre-verbal awareness, the part of your brain that processes information quickly and is linked to intuition and synthesis of ideas, through the creative process.

If you seek to see your situation from a different perspective use some simple materials such as markers, pencils, chalks, oil pastels, or crayons and create an image of all the different ways you could view the problem you are encountering. Be playful with this, you can even add 3-dimensional things like sticks, clay, play dough, feathers, pipe cleaners to explore what is possible. This accesses your divergent possibilities thinking, which may help you gain some clarity. After making art go for a walk or do an activity that allows your mind to wander, come back and journal on your insights- you'll be surprised by what comes up.

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